Saturday, April 09, 2005

Operation: Colon Unblock

"I want to be a writer," said the talker as he sat, not writing. You can help. Each week, I'll post a choice of three topics for a short story. Readers who flock to this website can vote for the one they'd like to see fleshed out a bit, then I'll take a stab at writing up a few pages, or paragraphs, or possibly a breathtakingly bad haiku or limerick.

Story #1: A beautiful and brilliant young ornitho-paleontologist tries to solve the mystery of why all the Canada geese have suddenly turned carnivorous and mean.

Story #2: A deranged creature, half boy, half monkey, tries to tear a guy's nose off (based on a real event).

Story #3: A hardbitten private eye wanders the foggy streets at night, looking for another hardbitten private eye for fun, friendship, and possibly more?

Go ahead and vote. I'll start writing the story after the votes are tallied.*

*Note: Voting irregularities expected in this district.

The Price of Freedom

In every nation, in every time, there must be a source of knowledge for the people, a beacon of truth and integrity, a tireless sentinel, ever vigilant, ever snrkmblhzzzzzz...